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So, I am going to be late for work already, but I wanted to post this, before I left.  If you grow zucchinis or other squashes, you know that if you neglect your plant for a day or two, you can be greeted with baseball bat-sized zucchinis!  These may look great, but their flavor and delicacy is noticeably different than their smaller-sized specimens.  What to do with them?  For you know, if you are busy, these green giants will surface in your garden.

Within about ten minutes, I have peeled two giant zucchinis, run them through the food processor, set some aside for some zucchini muffins, frozen some shredded zucchini for another day, and added some vegetable matter to the compost!

Don’t feel like you have to use them immediately.  I have found that freezing zucchini is the best way to preserve them for later use.  Simply peel the outer green skin and slice in half.  Using a spoon, hull out the seeds.  Slice the zucchini, so that you can fit it through the food processor’s shredding mechanism.  Fill up a quart-sized bag, label, date, squeeze all of the air from the bag, seal, and lay flat in your freezer, until frozen solid.

I did manage to share a sip of some amazing wine during this quick process today!  This lovely wine from the Central Coast consists of 50% Marsanne and 50% Viognier grapes.  Produced by Austin Hope, for Treanna, this wine is aromatic, exhibiting notes of white flowers, melon, and honey.  It has a sumptuous, rich mouth-feel that lingers and lingers.  Perfect for late summer sipping.  I am usually a fan of high acid, white wines, but this one demands nothing other than a break in the day and a moment to yourself.

Let me know your thoughts!


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